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Charles C. Camosy is associate professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham University. In his writing, speaking, and teaching, he works to make real progress on complex issues like animal treatment, bioethics, and abortion.

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Beyond the Abortion Wars:

A Way Forward for a New Generation

The abortion debate in the United States is confused. Ratings-driven media highlights extreme views and creates the illusion that we are stuck, mired in a stalemate.


But that isn't true. Our polarized public discourse hides a surprising fact: most Americans actually agree on the major issues at stake in abortion morality and law.

Beyond the Abortion Wars unpacks the complexity of the abortion issue and ultimately proposes a new public policy, one that is consistent with the beliefs of the broad majority of Americans, and one that is supported by the best ideas and arguments from both secular and religious sources.

"This accessible work may well transform the American abortion debate. Charles Camosy gives full weight to both pro-choice feminist concerns and pro-life feminism. . . . An excellent book for everyone concerned with the questions surrounding abortion."

Sidney Callahan, Hastings Center Distinguished Scholar


"This book offers a deeply significant new proposal in moral theology and public policy. Cutting through the fog of incoherence and inanity that characterizes our contemporary `discussion' of abortion,' Charles Camosy clarifies the key issues with his focus on the moral status and well-being of both women and prenatal children. . . . Camosy again demonstrates his utter fearlessness in addressing the most important moral issues of our time."

David P. Gushee , author of The Sacredness of Human Life


"Beyond the Abortion Wars will challenge the intellectually honest on both sides of the abortion debate as well as those in the middle. With extensive research, nuanced reasoning, and humane insights, Camosy undertakes the necessary but seemingly impossible task of dismantling the current stalemate on the issue — and then forges a way forward. This book is a game-changer."

Karen Swallow Prior, author of The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More — Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist

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