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Charles C. Camosy
is Professor of Medical Humanities at the Creighton University School of Medicine. In addition, he holds the Msgr. Curran Fellowship in Moral Theology at St. Joseph Seminary in New York. 


How to Rekindle Trust, Negotiate Difference, and Reclaim Catholic Unity

Vatican II baby boomers, trad millennials, zealous converts, Christmas and Easter Catholics—these are some of the humorous stereotypes theologian Charles C. Camosy uses to explain the points of view that divide today’s Church.

He says that in spite of our differences, unity and healing can be found through the fullness of the Gospel and an authentic understanding of the Catholic faith. In One Church, Camosy offers a hopeful and practical field guide for the here and now by sharing what it takes to listen and love those whose views are different than ours and to understand how we are united in the Body of Christ, the Church.

One Church


for Nurses

A Christian Moral Vision

If you are one of the millions of Christian nurses or nursing students in the United States, you already know that there is no real way to separate your faith commitments from your professional vocation—nor would you want to. Especially amid the bedlam of the COVID-19 pandemic, faith has given countless nurses the strength to carry on and be there for their patients,

one exhausting shift after another.

Bioethics for Nurses, the first book of its kind, is for nurses and nurses

in training who still believe in treating the whole person—not just their

medical condition. 


It is for those committed to living out the love of Jesus Christ through the warm, relational care they provide for all hurting and vulnerable people—including those in underserved populations—each of whom has the dignity of a human being made in the image of God. 


It is also for those who rightly see themselves as crucial members of

medical teams alongside doctors (and sometimes without doctors present

at all), empowered to exercise professional judgment while protecting

their consciences.

Losing our Dignity_COVER_HI RES.jpg

There is perhaps no more important value than fundamental human equality. And yet, despite large percentages of people affirming the value, the resources available to explain and defend the basis for such equality are few and far between. In his newest book Charles Camosy provides a thoughtful defense of human dignity.

Telling personal stories like those of Jahi McMath, Terri Schiavo, and Alfie Evans, Camosy, a noted bioethicist and theologian, uses an engaging style to show how the influence of secularized medicine is undermining fundamental human equality in the broader culture. And in a disturbing final chapter, Camosy sounds the alarm about the next population to fall if we stay on our current trajectory: dozens of millions of human beings with dementia.

Bold truth-telling

 — Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

Powerfully insightful

 — Dr. Kristin M. Collier, Director, The University of Michigan Medical School Program on Health, Spirituality and Religion

A vital contribution

 — The Most Reverend Kevin W. Vann,  Bishop of Orange, California

A stirring vision

 — Tish Harrison Warren,  author of Liturgy of the Ordinary and Prayer in the Night


This book is a must-read and will serve as a resource to reignite true nursing passion in the hearts of all Christian nurses.

— Angelia Mickle, dean of the school of nursing at Cedarville University

Bioethics for Nurses adeptly explains this past en route to laying out a Christian moral vision powerful enough to renew and sustain nursing far into the future.

— John F. Kilner, author of Dignity and Destiny: Humanity in the Image of God

It will serve as a beacon of hope for the future of the field and will be useful for any professor or practitioner who is tasked with furthering the healing ministry of Jesus.

— Bo Bonner, director of the Center for Human Flourishing at Mercy College of Health Sciences

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"Losing our Dignity" Audiobook

Losing our Dignity AudiobookCharles Camosy
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Praise for

Resisting Throwaway Culture:


"Camosy diagnoses America's current ills better than anyone and offers the most compelling and hopeful way forward of anybody I've read. Unlike a lot of pro-life activists, he doesn't shy away from the most difficult moral issues of our time. Indeed, he embraces them, even as he dismantles modern America's "throwaway culture." I don’t always agree with Charlie on everything, but if you're looking for a coherent argument and compassionate worldview—delivered by someone with the credentials to reach a sophisticated and cynical world—this is the only book of its kind."

Matt Lewis, Senior Columnist at the Daily Beast and CNN Political Commentator


"Responding to a climate of political tribalism and cultural fracturing, Dr. Camosy's new book provides a unifying framework for creating a culture of encounter in which mercy, responsibility and dignity lift up vulnerable populations for special protection and welcome. This framework, a growing edge of the Consistent Life Ethic, challenges us to take a stand against a ‘throw away culture’ in which vulnerable people are reduced to a product in the marketplace instead of recognized for their inherent and irreducible value. If we allow ourselves to be challenged and moved by Camosy’s arguments, we can create a culture of encounter capable of resisting what Pope Francis calls a “globalization of indifference.."

Kristin M. Collier, MD FACP, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Director of the Program on Health, Spirituality and Religion, University of Michigan Medical School

“This book is a must read, deep dive for anyone with questions about the sanctity and dignity of human life in contemporary society. Conservatives and liberals alike will cheer and loathe various chapters with equal fervor, once again making Professor Camosy impossible to pigeonhole as a partisan of any stripe. Agree or disagree, this work is an important contribution to the national conversation about a consistent life ethic. ”

Kelly M. Rosati, JD, CEO of KMR Consulting and former VP of Advocacy for Children at Focus on the Family


"Camosy is a principled. smart, faithful and courageous defender of human life and human dignity. A lot of us talk about the “consistent life ethic,’ but he articulates, demonstrates and practices it. If you want to understand how the “throwaway culture” challenges both parties, left and right, and every one of us, read this book."

John Carr, Director of Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, Georgetown University

"Camosy has written a unique, deeply thoughtful book that merits the consideration of anyone who wishes to understand a Catholic approach to the intrinsic value and dignity of every human life. Though I may not agree with all of his conclusions, his arguments are well worth engaging."

Alexandra DeSanctis, National Review Staff Writer

"Charles Camosy, one of the most compelling thinkers in America today on how we will live and thrive in the 21st Century, has written a book that represents a direct challenge to the dominant cultural and economic priorities of the age. It is a spark that should light a fire in your mind, and force you to contend with those hard truths society would prefer you ignore."

Ben Domenech, Publisher of The Federalist 

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