Charles C. Camosy
is associate professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham University. His work on ethics and policy moves beyond stale and lazy arguments which artificially pit liberals and conservatives against each other. Instead, Camosy finds common ground by unpacking  the real complexities of some of today's most passionately debated issues.

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"Resisting Throwaway Culture"

Resisting Throwaway Culture

How a Consistent Life Ethic Can Unite a Fractured People

Camosy diagnoses America's current ills better than anyone and offers the most compelling and hopeful way forward of anybody I've read.

If you're looking for a coherent argument and compassionate worldview—delivered by someone with the credentials to reach a sophisticated and cynical world—this is the only book of its kind.

 — Matt Lewis, Senior Columnist at the Daily Beast and CNN Political Commentator


Charles reads his award-winning book


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